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Cycling in Zeeland

The most beautiful cycling routes through Zeeland.

If you explore Zeeland by bike, you will soon discover that the nature here is very diverse. In addition to the sea, the beach and the Scheldt, orchards and extensive fields, dikes full of flowers and plants and swampy bird breeding grounds determine the decor. Tires inflated, picnic basket? Here you can enjoy cycling in Zeeland.

Cycling in Walcheren

In the seventeenth century, many wealthy city dwellers had a country house built in the Domburg area: it was seen as the place to relax. And you can imagine something with this during this cycling tour. The cycling route through De Manteling and Veere starts in Domburg and leads you through De Manteling, a beautiful forest area near the sea, past those ancient country houses. The route continues towards the historic town of Veere. A great place for a culinary stop on the water!

Explore two of Zeeland’s largest cities with the Middelburg – Vlissingen cycling route. The route starts in Middelburg and takes you via Oost-Souburg to Vlissingen. Via the Vlissingen boulevard – tip: have lunch on the terrace at Arion with a view of the sea – you cycle to the industrial area, still along the water. We make a loop in the direction of Arnemuiden and then return to Middelburg.

Cycling in Zuid-Beveland

The Oosterschengeroute takes you right through the historic city center of Goes – if you have time, be sure to take the time to wander around here a bit longer. Then you cycle out of the city towards Kattendijke. From the dike, this village – with church tower and grazing cows in the meadow – looks like a painting! Via the Goese Sas you set course in the direction of Veerse Meer. A route along fields and water where you can encounter many different birds. Via the villages of Wolphaartsdijk and ‘s-Heer Hendrikskinderen you come back to Goes.

The Zak van Zuid-Beveland is characterized by small ‘ring villages’, fields and winding flower dikes. These dikes are especially beautiful in spring and summer: then the hawthorns are in full bloom and poppies are everywhere. The route Oudland and Nieuwland takes you past all this natural beauty, via the picturesque villages of Nisse, ‘s-Heer Abtskerke and Oudelande.

Cycling in Noord-Beveland

Who says Zeeland, says water. And who says water, says bridges! Cycle the Bridge Route on Noord-Beveland and enjoy sweeping views over the water. The 40 km route starts in Kortgene and takes you along the Veerse Meer and the Oosterschelde, via the Zandkreekdam, Kats and Colijnsplaat. The highlight is the majestic Zeeland Bridge.

Cycling in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

The Dijkjesroute along the Zwin takes you past the beach, the North Sea, polders and historic places. Start the route in the pleasant town of Sluis, near the border of Belgium, and cycle via the beach at De Brabander along the Zwin: a beach plain behind the dunes that is connected to the sea. This route is especially recommended in spring and summer: the hawthorn is in bloom then. Special!

Cycling in Schouwen-Duiveland

Discover where the 1953 flood disaster struck hard during this cycling route through Schouwen-Duiveland. The route starts in the beautiful town of Zierikzee, with the Zuidhavenpoort, the old harbor and the ‘fat tower’ as eye-catchers. Cycle via dikes and polders through villages such as Kerkwerve, Dreischor and Sirjansland.

More Cycling Routes in Zeeland

You can easily and effectively map out a cycling route in Zeeland on the ANWB website. VVV Zeeland also offers plenty of inspiration for cycling in Zeeland on its website.

Rent a bike in Zeeland

At Amadore Hotels & Restaurants you can rent (electric) bicycles per day. Advantage: you are always assured of roadside assistance! We can also provide a filled picnic basket. Tie up well on the bike and enjoy.

Are there beautiful cycling routes in Zeeland?
Yes, there is a wide range of cycling routes in Zeeland. Cycle along the water, through the dunes and through lovely villages and towns.

Can I bring my own bike to Zeeland?
That’s no problem. Park your bike safely at Amadore Hotels and Restaurants.

Can I rent a bike in Zeeland Certainly!
At Amadore Hotels & Restaurants you have the possibility to rent an electric bicycle.